Quotes from Thay and News about Thay.

Plum Village has released an update on Thay’s Health which you can read here.

Each New Year Thay offers us a compact “parallel verse,” to guide our practice in the year to come. For this New Year of the Goat the Plum Village elders have chosen an excerpt of a poem written by Thay, which hangs at the altar of the Still Water Meditation Hall in Upper Hamlet:

Look deeply to understand clearly
Listen deeply to truly love

These phrases have been written in calligraphy and prepared in “diamonds” that can be printed and posted around your home or workplace, as gentle reminders to practice. (You may download the print-friendly pdf here >>>)

calligraphy calligraphy2

Upcoming Retreats March-June 2015

Calgary Soto Zen

Hosting a retreat with Norman Fischer on Friday March 13th to Sunday March 15th 2015, at the FCJ Centre. Registration form.

Mountain Lamp Retreats

March 28-April 4: Branching Moon Sesshin, with Jack Duffy, hosted by Three Treasures Sangha. Registration Form.
April 11-18:
The Eight Realizations of Great Beings, with Eileen Kiera. More Information.
May 31:
Buddha’s Birthday Family Event
June 1-21:
Three-Week Retreat with Eileen Kiera and Jack Duffy, Red Pine joining us for one weekend TBA

Day of Mindfulness

treesGlenmore 101
Wild Rose Sangha will be holding a day of mindfulness with the practice theme of deep listening and loving speech. Opportunities for silent meditation, dharma talk, mindful eating, mindful discussion, listening to bells and chanting.

Enjoy these deep healing practices with friends.

Where: Rosemount Community Center,  2807 10th Street NW, Calgary

When: 9AM to 9PM Saturday, November 22, 2014


Morning session 9:30 – Noon
Lunch noon-1pm
Afternoon session 1pm- 5:30pm
Dinner 6pm- 7pm
Evening Session 7pm-9pm

All are welcome to attend. Please plan to attend the full day. Partial attendance is ok.
Potluck lunch, please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share. Dinner will be provided.

$20 suggested donation for the day or give what you can afford.

Please contact Alanna during Sangha, or email us at retreats@wildrosesangha.ca to let us know if you are planning on coming.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s 88th Birthday!


Join Us in Celebrating
Thich Nhat Hanh’s 88th Birthday!
We know that the teacher is in the student and the student is in the teacher. We inter-are. Thay continues in all of us and we continue in him. Our greatest gift to Thay is the recognition that we are a part of his continuation. In celebration of Thay’s 88th year, we would like to offer him a gift. Here is what Thay has said is the greatest gift we can offer him:
Of course we can buy a present from the market and we put a lot of love into it. But to tell you the truth, my hut in Upper Hamlet in not large enough to store all these kinds of presents. I would like to have a kind of present that I can enjoy every day and you also can enjoy every day – a present that can last for a long time, a present of the heart. I think that the best kind of present you may like to offer is a promise that you are sure you can honor, like: “Dear Thay, I promise that from now on, every time I hold a cup of tea, I will see the cloud in the tea and the cloud within myself.” That kind of present would be wonderful. Don’t make a big promise, like: “Dear Thay, I promise that from now on every step I make will be in mindfulness.” That may be a little bit too difficult! So, look deeply and make the kind of promise that you believe you can honor. Not too much, just one. And the maximum is two…I suggest only one promise…the kind of promise you are sure you will do. Just a little promise that will last all your life. That would be the most wonderful birthday present for Thay.
So this year, in honor of Thay’s 88th Continuation Day, we invite you to offer a present of the heart – send Thay your promise via Facebook, Twitter, or email this Saturday, OCTOBER 11th.

You can share your promise via Facebook using the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation Facebook page, via Twitter @TNHFound using the #HappyContinuation, or by email using the address:  info@ThichNhatHanhFoundation.org

Let Thay know that you are there and the practice is alive in you.