Our History

The Wild Rose Sangha was started in Tracey Pickup’s one-room apartment in 2003 as a semi-formal meditation group. In 2006, the Unitarian Church of Calgary kindly offered space for the nurturing of this little Sangha on the Prairie.   At this time, the Sangha began reciting the Five Mindfulness Trainings and practicing the Plum Village tradition.  The Sangha held its first Days of Mindfulness in 2007 and held its first Three Day Retreat in Canmore in 2008.   Regular visits by Dharma teachers have guided our practice since then.


Today the Wild Rose Sangha is facilitated by a group of committed and trained members who uphold the Five Mindfulness Trainings in their life.  The Wild Rose Sangha is attended by a regular group of 20 or so friends.  The Sangha holds Seasonal Days of Mindfulness to develop their practice of understanding and love.  Many friends have come and gone through the seasons and have contributed their understanding and service for the growth and harmony of the community.  The sangha seeks to work together to provide opportunities for joy, love, and awakening in the world and in our hearts.