Fall 2020 Meditation Retreat

The Wild Rose Sangha is holding a meditation retreat titled Still Water Reflecting: Nurturing Peace in Ourselves, Cultivating Peace for our World. The retreat will lead by Dharma Teacher Alexa Singer-Telles

Alexa Singer-Telles, True Silent Action, co-founded the River Oak Sangha in Redding, California, in 1991 and was ordained as an OI member in 2004. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, offering the practices of mindfulness and the expressive arts to deepen one’s experience and enliven the creative process.

Anchored in Awareness article by Alexa Singer-Telles.

When: Friday November 6th- Sunday November 8th, 2020


6:00pmWelcome, Retreat Theme, Guided Meditation
7:00pmIntention Setting, Sitting Meditation
8:00pmDedication of Merit and Close
8:30amMorning Chant, Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation
9:30amBREAK (15 minutes)
9:45amBody Warm Up, Singing, Sitting Meditation, Dharma Talk, Writing Exercise
12:30pmSharing a Meal (Eating Meditation)
1:00pmBREAK (90 minutes)
2:30pmGuided Relaxation, Dharma Sharing (small groups), Five Mindfulness Trainings
4:30pmBREAK (2 hours)
6:30pmEvening Chant, Guided Meditation, Sitting and Walking Meditation
7:45pmDedication of Merit & Close
8:30amMorning Chant, Sitting & Walking Meditation
9:30amBREAK (15 minutes)
9:45amChant, Dharma Talk, Q&A, Walking Meditation
12:00pmSharing a Meal
12:30pmBREAK (30 minutes)
1:00pmTouch the Earth, Dharma Sharing (large group), Retreat Closing
2:30pmDedication of Merit

Where: Online




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