Fall Practice Period 2011 & Fall 2011 “Mountain Breeze” Newsletter

Mountain Lamp ZendoComing soon…  The WIld Rose Sangha will be following the Fall Practice Period 2011 by Eileen Kiera (of Mountain Lamp Community).  Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.  The book that we will be studying is: “For a Future to Be Possible: Buddhist Ethics for Everyday Life, Thich Nhat Hanh“.

“This autumn, Eileen Kiera will offer a community practice period on the Dharma practices of generosity, kindness, cooperation and responsibility. We find these qualities expressed in newest version of the Five Mindfulness Trainings, and during the practice period, we will take up them up to reflect on them in our daily life, and within the life of our community, and the world. Dharma talks will be available on the Mountain Lamp web-site: www.mountainlamp.org, and a guide for study, practice and discussion is available by emailing Mountain Lamp at ml-info@mountainlamp.org

We invite local and distant Sanghas to join us for six weeks beginning with a Day of Mindfulness on September 18th, and ending with a non- residential retreat from October 28th – 30th at Dharma Gate (formerly the Seattle Practice Center). Dharma talks will be given on September 19th, October 4th, 17th, and 31st as well as during the Day of Mindfulness and non-residential retreat.

This practice period is offered to support you in practice, and dana is gratefully accepted as an expression of your gratitude. ”  — Mountain Breeze News letter, Fall 2011